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All things the brain, emotional needs, and leadership


Bad Leadership: The Need for Control

"Leadership" is everywhere and has been so for many years now. A quick search in Amazon will spit out 108,504 book results. That's a lot of books and a lot of words on leadership. This plethora of books is packed with words, phrases and clichés inspiring "great...

The Love of Leadership

In my talk at TEDxZug in 2013 I spoke on a topic that concerns all of humanity. All economic systems, all political systems and all corporate systems. Indeed any system in which human beings operate. In short I said that there is one component all of these systems...

Trust in the Brain (and in Corporations)

Yes, it’s important but it’s more than important, it’s essential - absolutely essential. There’s almost nothing you will do in life if you don’t trust it. Whether it be buying from a website, buying a car, buying new clothes, etc. There needs to be an element of trust...